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PRO EX Services Limited is owned and operated by two brothers,
Riley and Travis Hastings.

  • We were born and raised in the construction industry. Dating back to the early 90's we were sitting on our father's lap, driving around and operating heavy equipment. While most kids were playing with toy equipment in backyard sand boxes at that age, we were playing with life sized equipment moving mountains of material. Once we were capable of running the equipment without supervision we were tasked with screening and crushing materials, feeding grinders, and loading trucks. As our age increased so did our responsibilities and experience, by the late 90's we were grading parking lots, building roads, installing culverts, and back filling pipe jobs. In the early 2000's our skills and abilities had caught the attention of other contractors in the area resulting in full time positions while on summer holidays from school.

    With the opportunity to further develop our skills and gain experience we branched away from the family business to broaden our future in the industry. After graduation we were offered full time positions with large scale international corporations performing a variety of tasks including but not limited to: Airports, bridges, demolitions and sewer treatment plant rebuilds, fully serviced large scale development sites and much, much more.

Hastings brothers in the early 90's

With our wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry we quickly moved up the ladder into supervisory positions and realized we wanted be challenged further. Hence we started our own venture and went back to our roots running a family business ready to apply the knowledge and experience we gained to our own business. Our company is completely devoted to doing the highest quality, safest, and most cost effective work for your job or project. Give us a try on your project and become one of our many satisfied and valued customers.

"We guarantee satisfaction, we aren't happy until you're happy."